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Ear correction surgery is mainly used in the case of protruding ears but can be used in the case of other abnormalities present from birth or caused by an accident that affects either one or both auricles. Protruding ears are mostly inherent and can, especially in the case of children, lead to teasing. Insufficient puckering of the ear cartilage causes the false positioning. A correction is sensible however only after school age has been reached as only by then is the cartilage suitably developed, the ear haven grown to approx 70-80% of its size.


Ear Surgery at a glance:

  • Requirements: realistic expectations and good physical and psychological condition.
  • Reduce alcohol and cigarette consumption 2 weeks before the . Avoid aspirin and other medications.
  • Suitable for protruding ears and other abnormal positioning.
  • Anaesthetic: Local.
  • Scarcely visible scars behind the ears.
  • Relatively painless .
  • After circa 1 week the patient is fully recovered.
  • Headband to be worn for 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Operation lasts 60- 90 minutes.
  • Clinic residence: Out Patient (sometimes 1 day)
  • Stitches: Self-dissolving
  • Healing- Inspection by GP: after 10 days
  • The headband should be worn during sport and other activities for 6 weeks.

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Photos Ear Correction Surgery befor and after

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