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Operation aim Drooping or sagging eyelids are a normal consequence of changes in the elastic fibres of the skin which becomes less resilient as we grow older. The aim of the operation is to remove the excess skin, thereby stretching the lids. The elasticity of the youthful skin cannot be recreated, however. Normally a single operation is sufficient.
Operation procedure Before the operation the skin that is to be removed and the line of the incision is marked. The cuts are made parallel to the edge of the eyelids and - if possible - in the creases of the skin. Redundant skin and the fatty tissues underneath are removed. The cut is then sewn together with fine thread and a special plaster is applied.
Type of anesthetic Local anaesthetic
Duration of operation 1 - 2 hours
Post- Operation Usually a protective bandage is applied. The lower or upper eyelids are cooled in order to reduce swelling. Physical exertion is to be avoided in the first days after the operation. Bleeding and uneven swelling of the eylids are also possible in this period. There is no need for concern if the lids cannot be completely closed for the first three days. The stitches are removed approximately 6-8 days after the operation. It's usual to wear tinted glasses for a few days after the operation. End results can be seen after 2-3 months.
Operation Scars Conspicuous scars are very rare.
Clinic residence Out Patient
Healing Major bleeding is extremely rare. Smaller amounts of bleeding cease after 1-2 weeks.
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