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Preparation On the day before the operation, a personal consultation, explanation of the medical and a check-up take place. In addition, a blood sample is taken to determine the blood count (a hemogram). If the patient is over 40, a more in-depth hemogram is required, as well as a cardiogram (ECG). If necessary these laboratory tests can be carried out at our clinic in Prague.
Anesthetic For a volume of fat of up to 1000 ml, the operation is possible under local anesthetic. For volumes over 1000 ml, liposuction is conducted in all clinics under general anesthetic. An anesthetist is present in all clinics when general anesthetic is used.
Operation duration 1-3 hours, depending on the volume of fat to be removed
Operation technique Tumescent technique-

In consultation with the patient, the desired zones for fat removal are marked before the operation.

A saline solution in accordance with the patient's bodily fluids, containing local anesthetic as well as a vasoconstrictive substance, is injected into the desired zones below the skin. This solution distributes evenly in the tissue within a half hour. The skin visibly swells and appears bloated. The fat cells dissolve. Through the use of tumescent anesthetic, the extent of bleeding and swelling after the operation is enormously reduced.

Near to the zones marked for treatment, a small opening via a cut of approx. 5 mm is made in the skin. A strong, blunt 3mm cannula is introduced into this opening into the subcutaneous tissue below the skin. This cannula is connected via a tube to a vacuum pump and a plunger, removing the fat through negative pressure. The cannula is carefully moved back and forward beneath the skin. All places, which require treatment, are therefore reached. This does not affect nerve fibers and blood vessels. The tiny incisions are either stitched or closed with specialist plasters after the operation.

Operation Aims Problem areas are targeted and successfully handled. The results are visible after about 4 weeks, the final result after 4 months at the earliest.
Clinic Residence For volumes of fat up to 4000 ml: 1–2 days, more than 4000 ml: possibly 2 days post-operation under the supervision of a Doctor
After the operation After the , the patient is dressed with a compression corsage. This should be worn for at least 6 weeks, day and night, to combat swelling and pain and to align the skin with the altered contours of the body (also known as the modeling of the skin). Bruises and bleeding recede after 2-3 weeks. Direct sunlight (sunshine, tanning salon) should be avoided for approx. 3-4 months, as long-term skin markings could otherwise result.
Return journey The return journey is possible 24 hours after the operation at the earliest. (Be careful to stop frequently, take breaks, and move around because of the risk of thrombosis).
Returning to work - For volumes of up to 4000 ml, work without physical exertion (office work) is possible after 4 days; physically demanding
- work is possible 7 days after the at the earliest.
Sport No sport or strenuous physical activity for approx. 6 weeks.
Recommendation After the operation, comfortable and easily washable clothes should be worn.
Chances of success With the aid of liposuction, fat cells are permanently removed. As the cells do not grow again, the treatment leads to sustained success.

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