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Nose Correction Surgery

The changes in the face that cosmetic nose surgery can bring about are impressive. As the nose is an eye-catcher of the human face, aesthetic indicated cosmetic nose surgery counts as one of the most prevalent aesthetic plastic surgery operations. If you feel perturbed by the shape of the nose, or that breathing through the nose is impaired by inner nasal cartilage, then a modification by means of an operation is the only let-out. As the nose has often been considered as a disturbance or as troubling since the patient’s childhood, important pre-requisites for nose correction are a good psychological condition as well as a realistic expectation from the patient, as well as a qualified and experienced surgeon.

Our private clinic in the Czech Republic can carry out the operation at value for money and with the highest of quality.


Nose Correction at a glance:

  • Before the operation and planning: Send us 2 depictive photos (profile and face)
  • Pre-requisite: Realistic expectations.
  • Clinical residence:
    - 1-2 days when changes are to the bonestructure
    - Ambulant when changing cartilage
  • Anaesthetic: Local for cartilage changes
  • Anaesthetic: General for changes in bone structure
  • Sport: possible again after 3 weeks, dangerous sport activities after 6 weeks
  • Swabs to be removed after 1 – 2 days
  • Splint cast must be worn for ca 2 weeks
  • Return to work: After 14 days at the latest
  • Scarcely dangers of complications in such an operation
  • Generally no visible scars
  • Various nose deformities can be corrected
  • Suitable patient not suitable for those over 45.
  • Results visible after 5 or 6 months
In any interest for Nose Correction Surgery feel free to contact us!
Hotline:+49 -7161-507 2885

Photos befor and after

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