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Dear Dr. Padera and all at CZ Wellmed!
You will remember my recent visit to the clinic where you operated to reduce the tip of my nose and to improve my bosom. The good news is that I’m very happy with the results of both operations. For the first time in my life my nose is nicely rounded and symmetrical, with the result that my face looks softer and friendlier. I always felt my breasts were too small, now they really fit my figure. All my concerns that they would look artificial or feel somehow “false”, turned out to be ungrounded. I’m really happy with the end results, thanks for all the good work.

Best wishes,

Operation:Nose Correction
Doctor: Dr. Padera


Dear CZ-Wellmed,
2 months after my operation by Dr. Padera, I must say how well it has turned out. The swelling has all but receded and I’m now enjoying my “new” nose and greatly improved profile. Thanks so much to you and Dr Padera for all your advice and a successful operation. I feel just great!

Many, many thanks.

Operation:Nose Correction
Doctor: Dr. Padera


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