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The changes in the face that cosmetic nose surgery can bring about are impressive. As the nose is an eye-catcher of the human face, aesthetic indicated cosmetic nose surgery counts as one of the most prevalent aesthetic plastic surgery operations.


Operation aim If you either feel perturbed by the shape of your nose, or if inner nasal cartilage impairs your breathing, then a surgical reshaping of the nose is the only solution. The shrinking ability of the skin is however limited and it would not be possible to reform a very large nose into a very small one.
Before the operation Those interested should submit two suitable photos (a profile and one from the front) so that we can judge whether the operation wish is realizable. This is of course no substitute for a Doctor’s consultation but gives an initial impression to plan from.
Clinic residence 1-2 Days after the operation
Operation Even an operation on the nose requires great medical experience. Aims, methods and risks of the operation are discussed in a Pre-Op assessment talk.
The is carried out either from inside the nose or from within the mouth. Abnormal bending is straightened, excess bone or cartilage mass is removed and hollows are filled by cartilage and bone transplantation. If the deformation of the nose is a result of the formation of a cleft lip, jaw, or palate, then outer incisions may be required where necessary.
The nose is mostly swabbed from within after the operation and splinted into its new shape by an external bandage (plaster, plastic, synthetic material or metal).
Type of anesthetic Soft changes (cartilage) require a local anesthetic
Bone structure changes require a general anesthetic
Post- Operation Light or strong swellings (including blood shot swelling), often appear in the areas of the eyelids and the cheeks. In such cases a cold compression pack must be worn to reduce swelling. The swabs are removed after 1 – 2 days following the . 12 – 14 days after the removal of the splint, the nose is still swollen.
The desired shape is not attained for half a year.
Possible paresthesia at the nose and upper lip recede.
Breathing through the nose can initially be somewhat impeded after the operation due to a tendency towards scar tissue formation and mucous membrane swelling.
Operation Scars As a rule, operations on the nose are carried out from within so that no visible scars remain.
Healing All work and social activities can be normally resumed, no later than 14 days after the operation when the splint is removed.
Chances of Success As a rule it is possible with a nose correction operation to change the outer view of the nose to a more aesthetically pleasing form. The shrinking ability of the skin is however limited and it would not be possible to reform a very large nose into a very small one.
Especially problematic can be caused by leaning noses as they sometimes tend to return to their original angle after the correction. It is not possible to guarantee that the desired operation result can be achieved.

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