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Travel advice - Dr. Kufa and Dr. Padera’s private practice Malvazinky Clinic, Malvazinky 5, Praha 5 and by Dr. Kuzera in Prag 6, also privat clinic in Tabor
You will shortly be travelling to Prague or Tabor for your operation. Please read the following travel advice carefully to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

Entry requirements for the Czech Republic
If you hold a British passport and your nationality is shown as British Citizen, you do not need a visa to enter the Czech Republic as a tourist.
Nationals of other countries may need a visa. It is the responsibility of all patients and those accompanying them to ensure that they have all necessary documents prior to travel. Information is available at at every Czech embassy (see list).

Please remember to bring with you:

  • Medical certificates
  • Laboratory results of internal examination
  • Light clothing
  • Towels and toiletries
  • Travel insurance (available for a modest sum at your travel agent)
  • City map & instructions on how to reach the clinic

Arrival by train or air

Please let us know well in advance if you wish to be collected or prefer to take a taxi.

Important telephone numbers:

  • International dialing code: Czech Republic 00 420
  • International dialing code: United Kingdom 00 44
  • Hotel Vanicek - Na Hrebenkach 60, Praha 5 www.hotelvanicek.cz 00 420 - 257 320 4 14
  • Pension Kern - Jinonicka 50, Praha 5 www.kern.cz 00 420 - 257 210 876
  • Pension Martina - Pod Kotlarkou 5, 15000 Praha 5 (look out for the letter “G“ on the garage) www.pha.inecnet.cz/jane/ 00 420 - 257 215 963
  • Hotel White House - Markova 10 - 158 00 Praha 5 www.hotelwhitehouse.wz.cz/ 00 420 - 605 296 692

Upon arrival at the Malvazinky Clinic, which is located on the second floor, you will be assigned to your room. Dr. Kufa or Dr. Padera will be waiting for you at the agreed time to discuss the whole operation procedure (background medical information, aims of the treatment, laboratory examination). Mrs Vitu, who speaks English and German, is responsible for our patient care. She will be present at your consultation and is otherwise available to answer any questions you may still have. Please call her directly on 00 420 777 272 471

Pre- and post-operation
An operation cannot be performed where there is an infection or other illness.
Alcohol and smoking should be avoided 1-2 weeks before the operation.
Antibiotics and aspirin should not be consumed in the 3 weeks before the operation.
Please inform Mrs Vita or Dr. Kufa if there are any changes to the agreed timetable on the day of your arrival.
Please note that driving after major operations (breast enlargement, tummy tuck, major liposuction) is not recommended. Taking a flight from the Czech Republic back to the UK is not regarded as problematic.

Certificate & flight ticket - 2 weeks before the operation
please send us a copy of your flight ticket at least 14 days before the date of your operation

Commission- 4 weeks before the operation
Please note that the agency fee has to be paid at least 4 weeks before the operation. When an operation has been agreed at short notice, the fee must be paid immediately once the date and price have been confirmed.

Laboratory examination
When an operation takes place on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday, the laboratory examination can be performed on the morning of the same day. A laboratory examination from your GP must be presented for operations at the weekend (Saturday/Sunday)

The laboratory at the Malvazinky clinic is closed on Fridays from 11.00am.

Operation costs - payment:

Operation costs are to be paid in full before the operation, in cash to the doctor. Payment can be in € or GBP.


General information

Changing money

Exchange: 1 € = approx 29 Koruna (1 Koruna = 100 Heller)
1 GBP = 1.46 €
1 GBP= 41.28 Koruna (Kc)

It’s advisable to exchange sufficient currency at the border or at the airport (for taxi, hotel, meals, petrol etc). Alternatively you can use your cashcard at the many ATMs in Prague where you will usually get a good exchange rate, which is rarely the case if you change currency at your bank back home. A foolproof method is to change cash directly into Czech Koruna at a bank in Prague, where you can be sure that you are getting an absolutely correct (although not always the best) daily rate. You’re advised to take care at exchange booths, even though some of these may offer better rates than the banks.

Transfer from the airport to the hotel or clinic
Please let us know at least a week in advance if you want to be collected from the airport and don’t forget to give us your flight number and arrival time. Our driver will bring you directly to the clinic or hotel as appropriate.
The buses of the Cedaz Shuttle service (Tel: 220 11 42 96. Fax: 220 11 42 86. www.aas.cz/cedaz/ <http://www.aas.cz/cedaz/>) leave every half hour and connect the airport with the city centre. Cost is 90 Kc (approx 3 €/2GBP) including 1 item of luggage (journey: 30 mins). Bus line 119 is in operation between 04.30-23.30, departing every 10 minutes for Metro station Dejvick (Line A). Tickets cost 12 Kc and can be purchased from newspaper stands or from automatic machines at the terminal. The taxis of the FIX s.r.o. company (Tel: 220 11 38 92) are more expensive and demand between 120 and 870 Koruna according to the number of zones (for the city centre expect to pay around 800 Koruna).

Speed limits
Motorway 130 km/h
Roads 90 km/h
50 km/h
Driving is on the right!  
  • Motorway toll sticker: 150 Koruna/week (approx 5 €) for cars
  • Alcohol limit 0%
  • Breakdown Stredn:
    Automotoklub (AMK) (Tel: 1230).
    Autoklub Cesk Republicky (ABA) (Tel: 12 40).

Roads are generally in good condition and lead-free petrol is available nationally. Driving regulations are similar to Germany. Please note that cars must use headlights night and day during the entire winter time (MEZ), otherwise you risk a fine of 35€ = approx 24 GBP. Accidents involving injuries or damage to vehicles can cost over 20,000 Kc (approx 680 €/460 GBP) and must be reported to the police. International and EU driving licences are recognised.

Driving and parking in the city
Parking in Prague is a problem. Tourists are advised to leave their car at the secure hotel car park and take public transport. Wrongly-parked cars will be either clamped or towed away, incurring a fine of at least 1000 Kc. Cars should be locked and alarms activated. Valuables and radios should be stored out of sight.
Do take care when using taxis, especially at tourist hotspots where unlicensed cabs try to pick up unsuspecting customers. Taxis in Prague charge 30 Kc (approx 1 € = 0.68 GBP) for the initial charge followed by 22 Kc per kilometre. Price guides are on display at the popular tourist locations in the city.
Travelling by train

Trains are reliable and normally punctual, although buses are often quicker. The two main railway stations with international connections are the main station Hlavn ndraz (Wilsonova, Praha 2) and Holesovice (Vrbenskho, Praha 7). Both offer exchange facilities and tourist information. Lockers and 24-hour luggage storage can be found at all stations.

Public transport
The efficient and affordable public transport system (Tel: 29 61 91 111 www.dp-praha.cz <http://www.dp-praha.cz>) offers metro, tram & bus connections as well as a funicular railway up Petrin Hill. Lines run till midnight when night buses & trams take over between 00.00-05.00. The three Metro lines (green line A; yellow line B; red line C) run every two minutes on weekdays from 05.00-00.00, at all other at 5 to 10 minute intervals. You can change lines at three stations, Muzeum (A & C), Mustek (A & B) and Florenc (B & C).

Tickets (jzdenky) must be bought in advance and validated upon boarding buses and trams as well as at the entrances to the metro stations. Valid for all forms of transport, they can be purchased from machines at metro stations, tobacconists, information centres and any shop bearing the red and yellow DP sign. There are two different tickets: the 8 Kc ticket allows you to travel up to 4 stops on the metro or take a 15 minute journey on bus or tram (without changing, also not valid for the night bus, funicular railway or historic trams). The 12 Kc ticket is valid for all forms of transport, allows you to change and lasts an hour at peak periods and 90 minutes at all other times. You will be fined 200 Kc if you are not in possession of a valid ticket.

Day and week tickets cost 70 Kc for 24 hours, 200 Kc for three days and 250 Kc for one week.

Car rental
Cars can be hired at Prague Ruzyne International airport, Cedok, at American Express offices and many of the larger hotels.
The following companies also operate in Prague:

  • Avis
    Klimentsk 46, Praha 1
    Tel: (02) 21 85 12 25.
  • Budget (
    Cistovicka 100, Praha 6.
    Tel: (02) 35 32 57 13.
  • Hertz (
    Karlovo nmest 28, Prag 2
    (Tel: (02) 22 23 10 10 or 20 10/24 24.

Although we hope that these guidelines help you plan your visit to Prague, we can take no responsibility for the accuracy of this information as circumstances can change at any time. These guidelines are issued in March 2006.

British Embassy Prague

Thunovska 14
118 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Tel: (+420) 257 402 111
Fax: (+402) 257 402 296
e-mail: info@britain.cz

Opening Hours:local time (GMT + 1 hr)
Monday - Thursday 08.30-17.00 Friday - 08.30-16.00

The Consular/Visa Section of the British Embassy is open on weekdays (with the exception of Czech and British public holidays) from 09.00 to 12.00 for visitors and applicants (All Visa applications should be submitted by 11:00).

e-mail: Consular/Visa
In the event of a real emergency outside normal working hours, please contact the duty officer 602 217 700

If you have any consular/visa related enquires and you cannot find the answer on our main switchboard telephone information service, or on our web pages, please contact us at:


Alternatively contact the main switchboard (+420 257 402 111) who will connect you to the Consular/Visa Section.

The Consul and Head of the Consular and Visa Section is Gavin Scott (+420 257 402 226)


If you hold a British passport and your nationality is shown as British Citizen, you do not need a visa to enter the Czech Republic as a tourist.

As from the 1st of May 2004 nationals from European Union countries and European Economic Area can travel to the Czech Republic with a passport which is valid for the entire duration of their stay. However please be aware that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises travellers to ensure their passport is valid for 6 months beyond the date of travel to allow for unforeseen circumstances.

Holders of British passports whose nationality is shown as anything other than British Citizen must contact their nearest Czech Embassy to determine whether they require a visa for entry to the Czech Republic and if so, what requirements they must meet to obtain a visa..

Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months and in a presentable state. Holders of passports with just a short period of validity remaining or which are in poor condition have been refused entry to the Czech Republic.
Children aged 15 and above must have their own passports. Those travelling on a parent's passport will be refused entry to the Czech Republic.

Visitors are also advised to carry with them a photocopy of the datapage of their passport at all times, for identification purposes.

Kindly ensure you complete the next of kin details in the back of your passport before travelling.

Please make sure you have valid travel insurance before leaving the UK.


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