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From experience we know that having cosmetic surgery is just an experience only associated with hope and happiness but also comes with fears and prejudices. The main foundation of both our philosophy and our success is comprehensive subject knowledge and an empathetic and thorough consultation.

Your first contact, personally or by telephone, will be with:

Natalie Plitt

We advise you both before and after your operation, we –where applicable- share with you the feedback of other patients, we help you with your choice of Doctor, with your travel plans and we organise the consultation and operation dates for you.

We are always glad to take the time for you personally, time to answer your personal questions and to give your personal wishes and thoughts the full attention that they deserve. We will also explain the boundaries of cosmetic surgery. Our goal is to answer any questions or queries you may have concerning cosmetic surgery with competence and assurance. We aim to cater the planning and organisation of your stay to your personal requirements and to be there as a contact person for you even after the operation. Based upon our experience, we can answer many of your questions and understand any doubts or fears that you may have.

With our professional contracted clinic in beautiful Prague and our experience built up since 2001, we can advise you competently, neutrally and independently. We ourselves have been very impressed by the qualifications and the results achieved by the CZ-Wellmed Doctors and have thoroughly checked the standard, the environment and the conditions of the clinic. At regular meetings our team meet up with the Doctors involved to keep informed on the latest medical news and to exchange knowledge. You can profit from our experience and research.


We have a simple rule:

Our partner Doctors and ourselves are only happy when our patients are happy.


The Team at the Private Clinics in Prague & Tabor
Dr. Roman Kufa Dr. Roman Kufa
Specialist in Plastic Surgery.
Head of the clinic Prague 5
Dr.Padera Dr. Jiri Padera
Specialist in Plastic Surgery in the clinic Prague 5
  Dr.Hirnak Dr. Hirnak Specialist in Plastic Surgery in the Privat clinic Prague 5  
Dr.Kuzera cosmetic surgery Dr. Jiri Kuzera Physician in the Private clinic Prague 6 Dr.Vlcek Plastic surgery Dr. Dusan Vlcek
medical specialist for plastic surgery in Private clinic Tabor

The medical qualifications, international experience and a high valuation of aesthetic are what our Doctors have in common. As well as their vast medical skill, they are friendly and approachable and can speak English, something that our patients cherish.

Patients are thoroughly informed by the Doctors about the operation , the aims, the alternatives and eventual risks.

Operations are a question of trust.

Feeling good, looking good and general self-confidence can be improved through professional correction.

In the case of an objective dissatisfaction at the aesthetic results from your operation, all our Doctors are legally obliged up to 12 months to give you a follow up operation free of charge to correct this. Please check our Operation Contract and Terms and Conditions documents, which are have been approved.

We assure you that you are making the correct decision when deciding for CZ-Wellmed and our partner Doctors.


Über uns

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