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Cosmetic Surgery in the Policlinic in Brno

Dr. Milada Francu Brno Dr. Milada Francu was born in 1956

Dr. Francu is a specialist for cosmetic surgery and is head of the reconstructive and aesthetic department at the University Clinic in Brno. Dr. Francu treats many foreign patients at the Policlinic Brno Zidenice.

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Dr. M.Francu is  a member of the following organisations.

  • Member of the  Czech Doctors `s Society
  • Member of the Cosmetic Surgery Society
  • Member of the Hand Surgery Society
  • Member of  the Aesthetic Surgery Society
  • Member of  Laser Treatment Society
  • Member of the International Confederation for Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)

Dr.Francu has published  specialised literature in conjuction with several colleagues in the past.She attends regularly national and international congresses.


Policlinic Brno

The whole spectrum of cosmetic surgery is offered here at moderate and reasonable prices.not to mention  the high standard of service you will receive at the Pliclinic Brno Zidenice. Patients appreciate the friendly atmosphere and the compatence of the surgeons and staff there. Communication problems are seldom as Dr.Francu has a good command of the German and English language

The Policlinic Brno has a fully equipped and air conditioned operating theatre,casualty rooms,8 double or three beds to a  room. Last but not least excellently trained  nursing staff.




Policlinic Brno

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Policlinic Brno

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