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The “standard Face-Lift” no longer exists. Rather, today there are numerous different techniques available, such as classic face lifting, endoscopic forehead lifting, lasers and various materials for the removal of wrinkles. The techniques are selected to match your individual needs according to age and skin condition. For a major Facelift performed using the SMAS technique, not only the skin is tightened, but also the underlying connective tissue and the muscles. Sunken eyebrows can be raised, over active muscles weakened and lowered cheek fat deposits -that cause puffy cheeks- can be removed. Changes in facial expressions and mimic are thereby avoided.


Face Lift at a glance:

  • Age: As a rule from 45 upward.
  • Clinic Residence of just 2-3 days
  • Scars rarely remain due to careful incisions.
  • Face-lifting SMAS: Removal of excess skin and the tightening of the muscles and tissue below.
  • “Soft-lifting” only a superficial tightening of the skin for a short- term results.
  • Social activity can resume after a week.
  • Different methods tailored to the patient
  • The risks of operation side effects, such as nerve damage or mimic changes, are extremely rare.
  • Importance is laid upon the Doctor- Patient consultation to discuss expectations of the patient and the methods to be used.
  • Reduce alcohol and smoking 3-4 weeks beforehand
  • Photos for assessment to be handed in before. (Perhaps med info)
  • Solarium and Sunbathing to be avoided for at least 8 weeks.
  • Sporting activities are possible again after 4 weeks.
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Facelift Photos befor and after

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