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'Standard' face lifting no longer exists. Rather, today there are numerous different techniques available, such as classical face lifting, endoscopic forehead lifting, lasers and various materials for the removal of wrinkles. The techniques are combined individually, depending on age and skin condition, according to the building blocks principle. For a major facelift performed using the SMAS technique, not only the skin is tightened, but also the underlying connective tissue and the muscles. Where required, the can be combined with liposuction of the chin, forehead, and neck or with eyelid surgery.

Before the No smoking 4 weeks before the operation (due to danger of necrosis at the edge of the wound)
2 weeks before the operation: no painkillers (such as aspirin) to be taken, as these slow down the clotting of the blood. If your hair is short, if need be, let the hair grow a little, in order to be able to conceal operation scars better. A facelift should preferably not be performed on persons below the age of 45. Before a facelift, scrupulous preparation is of special significance, as is the briefing and the advice of the patient's doctor.
Operation Aims The natural aging process leads to more or less pronounced wrinkles in the face and around the neck. Through the removal of excess skin and the compression of the fatty tissue below the skin, the skin of the face is tightened. A younger and fresher-looking face is the aim of the . The patient's biological age is changed favorably by some 8-10 years.
Operation The cut begins in the part of the temples covered by hair, proceeds to the front edge of the ear and curves in an arch around and behind the ear. The skin of the face and the neck are peeled away from the subcutaneous tissue and from the muscle structure. The skin and the saggy subcutaneous tissue are tightened on two layers in the direction of the cut (the SMAS technique); the excess skin is removed. The edges of the incision are mostly rejoined with fine, deeply set and dissolvable stitches. The forehead region can be either tightened separately or included in the operation. If there are larger fat deposits in the chin region, it is also advisable, where possible, to remove these. Should the facelift be combined with an eyelid lift, the doctor will discuss this separately with the patient.
Anaesthetic General anaesthetic.
Duration of operation 3-4 hours
Operation Risks

Patients experience various healing processes. Complications are possible: Bleeding, Infection, Healing problems as well as scarring.

Post Operation
For a few days, a head bandage will be applied. Swelling, bleeding and a feeling of tension behind the ears will abate a few days after the operation. At first, a slight hardening in the area where skin has been removed will remain, as well as a loss in sensation in the immediate vicinity of the incision, especially around the ears. After the operation, the patient should rest for 5-7 days. After 8 days, you can again shower and put on make-up as per usual. During the first 4 weeks, the patient must refrain from nicotine and painkillers (such as aspirin). Direct sunlight should also be avoided for a period of about 4 weeks (or sunscreen with a high factor should be worn). Participation in sporting activities is again possible after 4 weeks. The final result is fully recognizable after 2-3 months.
Operation Scars

Noticeable scars are very rare. The scars are, in the first weeks, lightly reddened and swollen. After about 5-9 months they fade and become lighter until merely a thin line is visible.

Clinic Residence 2 – 3 days
Healing period 2 - 3 weeks
Post-operative Check Ups To be consulted and agreed upon.
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Facelift Photos befor and after

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