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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions. What you probably always wanted to know (or should know). Surgery, qualification, materials, hygienics, large difference in costs, warranty, surgery appointment, order of events and prepayment?

If your question remains unanswered, please use the form at the bottom of the page to pose it. Please also note our guarantee of trust.


FAQ – General

1. Why is surgery at CZ-Wellmed in Czechia so well-priced compared to surgery in UK?

Compared to their peers in UK, our surgeons don't have to pay the high personal costs and rent fees normally associated with a private clinic. All contract clinics also garantuees the extremely favourable prices of the current price list fort he next upcoming months. Costs for living and wages are considerably lower in Czechia. Costs for materials (e.g. Implants) are equal for czech as well as dutch surgeons. Only personal costs and rent fees, respectively the yield of some colleagues differ.

2. Most frequently asked questions concerning hygienics?
Basically inside the clinic and in the surgery room the same standards apply as in UK. Outside of the clinic and in the country, much is in upheaval. Some things may be simpler, nevertheless it is hygienic.
3 .Our surgeon's qualification?
All  CZ-Wellmed doctors  are experts in plastic surgery with a wide range of experience and optimal aesthetic results in the field of plastic surgery. Main focus: Liposuction, breast correction, curtailment surgery, nose jobs und facelifting. In Czechia, plastic surgery may only be done by experts in plastic surgery.
4. What experiences have the doctors under contract had?
Please look up the doctor's respective short biographies.
5. Language issues?
All of our doctors under contract as well as their nursing staff speak English.
6. Which operation is possible?
Not sure whether to go for liposuction or a tummy tuck? Trying to choose between a breast enlargement, lifting or a combination of both? Send us your pictures and our clinic can advise. Photos can help the doctor decide whether an operation is feasible before appointments are made and are particularly advisable in cases of face surgery, lifting or borderline cases. Please remember that the doctor can only reach a decision after discussing all the options face to face.
7. Is there an intensive station?
Yes. All typs of intensive surgery can be undertaken at the clinic Dr. Kufa/Dr. Padera/Dr. Hirnak in Prague
8. Waiting period?
On desired dates, we have a waiting period of about 4- 5 Weeks. However, Short-term dates through date-deferral are also possible.
9. Are surgery-combinations on one appointment possible?

Some examples:

Abdominoplasty and breastlifting --> unfortunately no!
Abdomioplasty and large liposuction --> unfortunately no!
Liposuction 1- 2 zones und breast enlargement --> yes
Liposuction and eyelid surgery-> yes
Facelifting und abdominoplasty--> unfortunately no!
Breast enlargement and small liposuction -> yes
Breast enlargement and eyelid surgery -> yes

10. Are there reduced prices for combined operations?
11. Is the complete spectrum of cosmetic surgery offered?
All sorts of plastic surgery can be performed in the private clinic with its intensive department. Since the clinic has a large number of beds at its deposal, even more complex surgeries which require a longer stay at the clinic can be performed in all our contract clinics.
12. Postponement?
It's possible only once - however only in the cases of sickness, accident or irresistible force.
13. What about privacy?
We treat all your personal information, photos with the utmost discretion and absolute respect for your privacy.
14. Are costs covered by medical insurance?
Only in exceptional cases. Please refer to your medical insurance institution (In the recent 4 years however, no such case became known to us).
15. Surgery under the age of 18?
Only in compliance with the patients parents and hers/his family doctor or gynaecologist.
16. Is it possible to travel by air after surgery?
Short flights of 1-2 hours duration are possible directly after surgery, longer flights however should not be taken until 14 days after surgery.
17. How many weeks must separate 2 operations when full anaesthesia is used?
Approximately 8 weeks
18. Do I get a medical certificate?
Foreign doctors are not allowed to hand out a medical certificate. Please ask your family doctor to do so.
19. Travel documents?
British citizens must be in possession of a passport with at least 3 months validity. All patients and accompanying persons are responsible for their own travel documents and any necessary additional visa requirements.
20. Is my car safe during my stay at the clinic?
The private clinic as well as the hotels put guarded parking spaces at our patients disposal.
21. Taxis in the Czech Republic?
You are strongly advised to agree on the price before you commence your journey. Be on your guard against rip-offs, especially in Prague!
22. Is deferred payment or financing possible?
Unfortunately we can not offer deferred payment.
23. How and when will it be decided if an additional correction is necessary?
It is necessary to provide CZ-Wellmed or the Clinic with clear and descriptive photographs at least 4 months before the operation. The doctor will compare and analyse the photographs before and after. If the photographs definitively illustrate that surgery is necessary, and there are objective reasons for surgery, then an appointment for corrective treatment can be arranged.

24. Can something go wrong?

Complications and risks are described in the patients information section of this website. If you have additional questions, we would be glad to advise you by telephone.
25. Where does my escort sleep before or at the time of my stay at the clinic?
The night before surgery, our patients and their escort stay at a nearby hotel or boarding-house. Examples can be found on our webpages. Whilst our patients sleep in the clinic from the day on that surgery takes place, their escort can stay in the hotel/boarding-house.
26. Surgery date? Order of events? Reservation?
Reserved surgery appointments by telephone are held at least 2-3 days for the prospective customer. Within this timeframe the assignment for surgery must be present. Only written assignments are obliging. After the appointment is coordinated with us, please send us the filled out and signed surgery assignment to my address , or fax it to: . Thereafter you will receive a written confirmation for price and date, travel information and a transfer form for surgery deposit and comission. After consultation with you and the clinic we book a room for you and your escort in a nearby hotel or boarding-house for your day of arrival, respective for the time of your stay at the clinic.
27. Days of surgery?
Prague 5 - Dr. Kufa, Dr. Padera, Dr. Hirnak, Dr. Frajer: Thuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Prague 6 - Dr. Kuzera: Thuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Tabor - Dr. Vlcek: Thuesday, Thursday
28. Laboratory examination?
 The necessary laboratory examination must not be older than 2 weeks before surgery. For your own safety, it is adviseable that the laboratory examination is performed by your family doctor. The laboratory examination can also be performed in Prague, if the surgery isn't scheduled for Saturday or Sunday. The laboratory of the clinic is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Prague 5 (Dr. Kufa, Dr. Padera, Dr. Hirnak, Dr. Frajer) G.P. or clinic Prague
Prague 6 (Dr. Kuzera) G.P. or clinic Prague
Tabor (Dr. Vlcek)  only possible locally.

29. Arrival?
Please note that shortly after a larger surgical manipulation, eg. breast- or ventral correction, breast enlargement or liposuction, you may not be able to return home in your car on your own. We recommend that you travel by train or bring with you an escort who can drive you.
30. Patient satisfaction?
We want you to be happy with the results, but no specialist - whether in the UK or the Czech Republic - can claim 100% patient satisfaction. Fortunately our doctors only have to do a follow-up operation in a very small minority of cases, on average 1 - 2%. This is a very small figure in our opinion, and is usually as a result of unrealistic expectations on the patient’s part.
31. Guarantee?
Should the results of an operation be judged objectively to be unsatisfactory, our doctors will undertake a follow-up operation to 12 months after the original surgery. The end result will take at least 4 months before it can be judged. All our doctors have liability insurance.

FAQ - Breast enlargement

32. Implants?
We prefer to use products from the leading product market for breast enlargements MC-Ghan-Inamed,  Mentor , Polytech-Silimed, PIP, Nagor and Eurosilicone. These Silicone implants comply with the guidelines of the well-known US-Institute of Medicine and are therefore unobjectionable and not harmful to one's health. The gel-filling in its consistency is sturdy, i.e. safe from leakage and keeps its form even if the implant is cut through. Leading specialists agree, that silicone implants posess the best abilities compared to other sorts of fillings.
33. Are all sizes of breast implants always in stock?
All clinics keep a variety of standard implants (between 180ml and 400ml) in stock all the time. For evaluation, expressive photographs would be an asset.
34. Is breast enlargement possible with my own fatty tissue?
After a few months your own fatty tissue reduces down to almost nothing. Rejected tissue sometimes turns into oily cysts, calcifies or can even become painful.
35. How long do implants last?
According to the manufacturer, silicon implants can last for around 15 years. If regular check-ups reveal no issues for concern, many specialists are of the opinion that implants can remain in the body permanently.
36. Incision choices for breast enlargement?
As well as the armpit and the areola, the skin fold below the breast is the most common place for an incision.
37. Is there a higher risk of breast cancer?
Extensive studies have shown that implants cause no increased risk of breast cancer.
38. Is a cancer check-up possible after enlargement?
Mammography makes it possible to detect tumours. A special method known as the Eklund technique makes mammography possible after breast enlargement. Ultrasound, nuclear resonance imaging or computed tomography help locate growths before they become.
39. What documentation will I receive?
After the operation you will receive an implant card describing the type and size of the implants. You should carry this with you at all times, and always inform the doctor of your implants before treatment.
40. How frequently should I have a check-up after the operation?
Ideally once a year, by the doctor or gynaecologist.
41. Is there any connection between implants and auto-immunity illnesses?
No cause for alarm - there is no proof of this whatsoever.
42. Is breast enlargement painful? Will I be uncomfortable after the operation?
After the operation you may experience tension in the area of the breasts. Should you experience pain, this can be treated with pain-killers. If the implants are under the muscles you must expect more discomfort.

FAQ - Liposuction

43. Diet or liposuction?
Both measures are basically different. A diet is adviseable for a generally weightloss, however it gives hardly a noticeable improvement in figure. With liposuction you can address the problem areas directly. The silhouette can be changed.
44. Do removed fat cells grow again?
No. The amount of fat cells in a body is determined genetically. Once fat cells are removed, they can't grow again.
45. Does my body miss the fat cells?
No. The fat cells are only reduced selective.
46. What happens to the excessive skin?
By nature the skin is very flexible and also has the ability to form back. Just think abot the extreme changes whilst and after pregnancy. By wearing a gurdle after liposuction, the body and the skin are being additionally supported and formed.
47. How much can be removed?
No more than 5 litres per session; any more than this can cause complications.
48. Can more than one area be operated on at any one time?
For instance inner & outer thighs or belly and hips can be done in one session.
49. How long do I need to wear the girdle?
You will need to put on a special girdle immediately after the operation which you will wear round the clock for about 4 weeks. Over the next 2 to 3 weeks the girdle can be removed occasionally.
50. What about a corrective operation?
Should an operation be unsatisfactory after objective assessment, the clinic guarantees a corrective operation within one year.

FAQ – Breastcorrection & breast reduction

51. Are there various methods?
Two methods are preferred: the classic T-cut as well as the Lejour technique, which has the advantage of leaving less scars.
52. Must the nipples be moved?
Nipples are altered in order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing end result. Their sensitivity is normally unaltered and the incisions heal quickly.
53. Is pregnancy or breast feeding affected?
Pregnancies after breast reduction and lifting are usually possible. Breast-feeding cannot always be guaranteed, however.
54. How should I behave after an operation?
Normal mobility will be reduced for 2 to 3 weeks after the operation. You should also avoid sport or heavy lifting for 4 to 6 weeks.
55. Will I be uncomfortable after the operation?
Normally any pain in the breast area should be minimal. Should you experience pain, this can be treated with pain-killers.

FAQ Tummy tuck

56. hat about the scar?
For a small stomach reduction the incision is roughly 10 cm long and is directly above the line of the pubic hair. In the case of abdominal surgery the incision is in the same place but the scars extend sideways to the pelvic bone.
57. Stretch marks?
Superfluous skin and the fatty tissue below is removed between the navel and pubic hair. Stretch marks left by pregnancy are also removed by this method.
58. Are the muscles also toned up?
Over-stretched belly muscles caused by a pregnancy or excess weight can be toned up during this operation.


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