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General Terms and Conditions/ Operation Contract

As representatives for Great Britain CZ-Wellmed acts for the interests of all mentioned Doctors and clinics. Please take note of our General Terms and Conditions, applicable for all services.


The company CZ-Wellmed Natalie Plitt acts as an agent between the patients and the Specialists for cosmetic surgery in the Czech Republic. CZ-Wellmed - Mrs. Natalie Plitt and Gillian Byrne represents the interests of the Doctors named above.

Pre-requisites for an operation appointment with CZ-Wellmed are:

1. Operation suitability – Dependent upon blood test findings of your GP. The blood tests must be no older than 2 weeks. The tests can be arranged on site after consultation and payment.

2. The agency contact comes into effect after both the return of the fully completed and signed General Terms and Conditions and Operation Contract as well as the written confirmation from CZ-Wellmed.

3. The operation appointment date is to be agreed upon between patient and CZ-Wellmed. Proof of operation willingness is required in the form of a copy of your flight tickets –by fax or post – to be sent to CZ-Wellmed at least 2 weeks before the planned appointment date.

4. After both the return of the fully completed and signed General Terms and Conditions and Operation Contract, you will receive from us written confirmation of your appointment date as well as the necessary travel information.

5. CZ-Wellmed guarantees a corrective operation within a year of the first operation if an aesthetically unpleasing result arises. In order to judge this it is necessary to send significant and current photos to CZ-Wellmed or the Doctors no earlier than 4 months after the operation.

6.The lump sum agency fee

The payment should be made at least 3 weeks before the arranged operation date. The rest of the sum is to be paid to the Doctor before the operation. Please read our Personal Guarantee of Trust. Court of jurisdiction in case of legal disputes is in Goeppingen, Germany. If the patient is unable to attend on the arranged operation date, the deposit that has already been paid will remain valid for treatment for a further six months after the original date. The deposit will be kept as a cancellation fee should the patient fail to keep an appointment without giving adequate warning, unless they can demonstrate that they have caused little or no inconvenience.
Cancellations must be made in writing. As well as the agency fee, the clinic will charge the following cancellation fees:

7. If the medical examination in Prague reveals that the desired operation is not possible for medical reasons, or if the patient wishes to cancel for personal reasons, no cancellation fee will be charged. independent from entitlement to any eventual cost settlement.

8. As the company CZ-Wellmed – Natalie Plitt only acts as the arbitrator between the patients and the CZ-Wellmed Doctors, responsibility is limited to services concerning the agency contract only. Responsibility of CZ-Wellmed is to be ruled out for medical services, as well as for travel and accommodation, as these contracts are of other parties

Please read our Personal Guarantee.


plastic surgery with CZ-Wellmed in the Czech Republic Natalie Plitt

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