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Before an operation, an ultrasound scan carried out by a doctor should determine the type of gynecomastia.

Gynecomastia = removal of the gland tissue.

Pseudogynecomastia/Lipomastia = removal of fatty tissue through suction (liposuction).
Before the operation

On the day before the operation, there are personal and medical consultations and a preliminary examination from the operating doctor.

During the consultation, the procedures, methods and finally the form of the surgical incision for the operation is defined and discussed.

Procedure of Operation: Gynecomastia

(Removal of the Gland Tissue. )

With enlarged glands, an incision is made on the lower edge of the areola or nipple boundary. Fat and gland tissue is removed. If the amount of overhanging skin is too large, this is removed and the remaining area sculptured. The wound is closed with fine stitches.

Procedure of Operation: Pseudogynäkomastie /Lipomastie

(Liposuction )
A saline solution (similar to body fluid) that contains a tissue-reducing element is introduced to the required area under the skin. After a period of around a half of an hour the solution is dispersed evenly within the tissue. The skin visibly swells and appears balloon like. The fat cells become detached. A small insertion is made on the edge of the areola or nipple for the suction canal. The offending fat tissue is removed under general (full) anaesthetic similar to the process for cancer treatment.
Post- Operation

A compression bandage should be worn for 3 - 4 weeks after the operation. This minimises the risk of thrombosis and swelling, increases the healing process and the joining of the wound.

Your general doctor can remove the stitches 7- 10 days after the removal of the gland tissue. A possible scar of the tissue is visible in very few cases.
Chances of Success It is realistic that there is a clearly visible improvement through surgery. The final result is reached after 3 - 4 months and is usually permanent. It is very unusual that the breast will become enlarged again.
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