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Qualification and standard

CZ-Wellmed doctors are qualified medical specialists for plastic surgery with many years of experience in cosmetic surgery, assisted by professional qualified, trained and friendly nursing staff. All surgeries with general anaesthetic are kept under surveillance of an experienced anaesthetist. The concessionary, contractual hospitals are subject to permanent supervision by the health authorities. This means inspection of hygiene, equipment, operating room and of the medical staff's qualification.
Whereas in Germany and Great Britain it is allowed for (ENT) doctors to perform e.g. ear nose and throat operations. In the Czech Republic only doctors with specific qualifications are allowed to perform cosmetic surgery. Training period for Czech doctors ranges from six to eight years.

Experience from tradition:
First cosmetic surgeries have been performed by the Czech professor Frantisek Burian in the year 1912 in Praque. Among the medical specialists for cosmetic surgery, Czech doctors are accredited and are parthbreaking in Europe.

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