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General OP Procedure

Pre-requisites for an operation appointment with CZ-Wellmed are:

1. Depending upon which clinic is chosen, your blood test must be carried out by your own GP. The test musn´t be older than 2 weeks. With the exception of our Clinic in Tabor the prefer the blood tests to be done after consultation.

2. The agency contact comes into effect after both the return of the fully completed and signed General Terms and Conditions and Operation Contract as well as the written confirmation from CZ-Wellmed.

3. The operation appointment date is to be agreed upon between patient and CZ-Wellmed. Proof of operation willingness is required in the form of a copy of your flight tickets –by fax or post – to be sent to CZ-Wellmed at least 2 weeks before the planned appointment date.

4. After both the return of the fully completed and signed General Terms and Conditions and Operation Contract, you will receive from us written confirmation of your appointment date as well as the necessary travel information.

5. CZ-Wellmed guarantees a corrective operation within a year of the first operation if an aesthetically unpleasing result arises. In order to judge this it is necessary to send significant and current photos to CZ-Wellmed or the Doctors no earlier than 4 months after the operation.

6.  The deposi
The payment should be made at least 3 weeks before the arranged operation date ( In the case of short notice appointments the deposit should be paid immediately). The rest of the sum is to be paid to the Doctor before the operation. Please read our Personal Guarantee of Trust. Court of jurisdiction in case of legal disputes is in Goeppingen, Germany.

7. If the medical examination in Prague reveals that the desired operation is not possible for medical reasons, or if the patient wishes to cancel for personal reasons, no cancellation fee will be charged, independent from entitlement to any eventual cost settlement.

8. As the company CZ-Wellmed only acts as the arbitrator between the patients and the CZ-Wellmed Doctors, responsibility is limited to services concerning the agency contract only. Responsibility of CZ-Wellmed is to be ruled out for medical services, as well as for travel and accommodation.

Before the Operation, Information is essential.

From our experience we know that having cosmetic surgery isn´t just an experience associated with hope and happiness but also with fears and prejudices. Our aim is to  plane and organize your stay to suit your personal requirements, and of course to act as a contact person before and after the operation.

In general, we will inform you about our services and the possibilities of cosmetic surgery procedures in the CZ-Wellmed contracted clinics in CZ. Alongside all this information you will learn exactly what you have to be carefull with before and after the operation. The information alone is of course no substitute to a personal consultation with a Doctor you trust.

Qualifications and Standards According to EU-Guidelines

CZ-Wellmed Doctors are exclusively qualified specialists in plastic surgery with years of experience and are assisted by suitably qualified and friendly nursing staff. An experienced anaesthetist is present during operations requiring a general anaesthetic. The concessionary CZ-Wellmed contracted clinic is subject to controls and checks by the local health and safety department. These checks include standards of hygiene, the equipment in the operating theatre and the qualifications of the medical staff.


CZ-Wellmed has been a partner in the field of cosmetic surgery in the Czech Republic since 2001. After many years of experience in the consultation of our patients and close contact to the Doctors, we see the central role of our work as the conscientious, discreet and competent consultation and organisation of your plans. In the intensive and personal consultation with a trusted Doctor it will be explained whether the desired changes can be achieved by means of an operation and also whether other solutions are possible. The Doctor will fully explain the operation and treatment methods. Only operations and treatments are recommended that are safe and tested and from which a long-term result can be expected.

The Procedure and Planning of your Operation

Over the telephone, we will gladly answer all your questions concerning the desired surgery as well as your journey and acomadation. Cosmetic surgery is a question of trust. CZ-Wellmed Doctors are highly qualified specialists in cosmetic surgery; they work with the most modern technology and have wide experience in all areas of cosmetic surgery. The Doctors speak very good English. We are sure that you will make the right decision. Ideally, you ought to inform your general GP of your future plans regarding your operation.

Important Operation Pre-requirements

Realistic expectations, good physical and psychological condition, an early enough planning, the qualification of the Doctors as well as the right indications are all fundamental requirements for a good result. In order to reduce the risks of the aesthetic surgery as far as possible, you should be well-informed and pay attention to some important aspects:

  • Plan your appointment early enough
  • Avoid aspirin 2 Weeks before the operation
  • Avoid alcohol and significantly reduce smoking 2 Weeks before the operation (healing)
  • Any antibiotics use should stop at least 3 weeks before the operation.
  • No infections on the day of the operation.
  • It is better to stay a day longer in the clinic than a day to few.
  • Give yourself sufficient time after the operation to recover fully.

Operation Dates and Planning

Plan your operation dates as soon as possible as a cosmetic surgery is best well planned. Appointment dates are possible within 4 or 5 weeks as a general rule. Please phone us to set a date in Prague and to ask any questions you may have. For operations involving corrections to the face or tightening, it is advisable for you to hand in significant photos before agreeing upon an appointment.

Doctors Operation Days Arrival and Doctor consultation the day before
Dr. Kufa  (Prague 5)
Dr. Padera

Dr. Hirnak
Dr. Frajer
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Approx. 18.00 (6pm)
Approx. 18.00 (6pm)
Dr. Kuzera  (Prague 6) weekdays (must be arranged) Approx 17.00 (5pm)
Dr. Vlcek (Tabor)
weekdays (must be arranged) Approx 14.00 (2pm)

Decision and Operation Details

After you have consulted with us and decided for the private clinics and for your appointment date, please please return to us the operation contract, completed and signed out, within three days where possible. We can keep the date agreed on the telephone reserved for you for three days. In the case of short notice appointments, we can only keep them available for 24 hours.

Appointment and Price Confirmation

After receiving the completed and signed operation contract, CZ-Wellmed will send you a confirmation of your appointment and the price, important travel information, addresses and telephone numbers (Doctor, Clinic, Hotel).

Flights? Tickets? Confirmation?

In order to avoid cancellations and postponements, we require a copy of your flight tickets or travel confirmation at the latest 2 weeks before the reserved appointment date. If we do not have this copy 2 weeks before the arranged date then we can sadly no longer guarantee your appointment date.


It is possible to postpone appeointments. If the agreed operation date is no longer possible due to illnes or other important reasons please call us as early as possible.

Laboratory Tests

The suitability for an operation should be tested for your own orientation by means of a blood analysis and a cardiac test before you set off. The results should not be more than 2 weeks old. You will receive a list of the required tests to be carried out by your GP, with the appointment date and price confirmation.

Laboratory tests are possible in our Private Clinics on weekdays. If the operation is on Saturday or Sunday then you must bring laboratory test results with you.

Travel – Collection - Accomodation

You will receive the addresses of the clinic and the hotel, important telephone numbers (hotlines), a map of the area and a route map with the appointment and price confirmation.

Please let us know at least 14 days before the appointment, whether we should book a hotel room for you. If you are travelling alone then you can choose to spend the night before the operation, at a nearby hotel or a guesthouse. If you are being accompanied, your companion can chose to spend the night before the operation in the hotel or guesthouse nearby. Your companion must reside at the hotel or guesthouse during your clinic residence. We can recommend good value, well kept hotels and guesthouses near the clinic and will gladly reserve accomodation in advance for you.

We can also offer a pick up service from the airport. For this we require your flight information at least 1 week before your arrival in Prague. (Flight number, Arrival time)

Medical Consultation

The medical consultation with the Doctor on the day before the reserved operation date is extremely important. This consultation will always be in English for you. The conversation will comprehensively inform you about the operation, the risks and the results that can be expected. Prepare yourself well for this discussion by writing a list beforehand at home of all the questions and points that you wish to discuss with the Doctors so that no important points are forgotten or left unclear. Patient information will be available for you in English. Before the operation you have to sign in order to prove that you have fully understood the procedure-and that you agreed tp the operation.

Operation Day

After spending the night before the operation in a nearby hotel or guesthouse, come sober to the clinic at the agreed time. Required blood tests can be performed at the clinic on the day of the operation, apart from Saturdays and Sundays. You will be greeted by the Head Nurse and taken to the ward. Here you will be prepared for the operation. Experienced anaesthetists and highly trained nursing staff are available at all the time for the care and supervision of the patients. High specialist competence of the Doctors treating you as well as modern medical technology guarantee you a high level of safety and security.

The Return Journey

Do not book your return flights to soon after the operation. Plan enough time in your stay for after the operation. With larger operations, such as breast or tummy tucks, breast enlargement and a significant liposuction, we recommend you bring a companion. If you are travelling alone then you should plan a day longer than usual considering the operation and for your stay in our Clinics. Of course our pick up service will transport you from the hotel or clinic to the airport.

Post-Operation - Recovery

A check up after the operation takes place before your journey homewards. After this check up you will be given the operation report and, in the case of a breast enlargement operation, the implant papers. If required plan to spend a few days after the operation in a nearby hotel to recover. Your Doctor of trust generally does post operation checks back at home as well. You should strictly follow any instructions given to you by the Doctors so as not to put the operation results at risk. Treat yourself to a few days to recover. Some important suggestions concerning behavioural rules after the operation can be found under “At a glance”.

The CZ-Wellmed team is always there for you to answer any further questions even after the operation. After you have returned we will get in touch to find out and to confirm that everything was to your satisfaction.

You will probably have a few medical or organisational queries before you set off. No question should be left unanswered. Give us a call. We are there for you at any time.

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General Terms and Operation Contract


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